1.Road carbon rims/wheels brake pads selection and installation

  * Only carbon rims use brake pads recommended,replacement pads can be purchased form Tandell or pro bike shop.

  * Make sure the caliper for Shi mano/Sram or Compagnolo.

  Replace pads at the beginning of each season.

  Replace pads if they are uneven wear.

  Make sure the pads are even with rims brake surface,especiallly u shape carbon rims,little degree of rims brake surface need you adjust the caliper pads,full contact surface between rims and pads,ensure they are even,like picture below,correct brake pads installation can offer best brake performance and not damage carbon rims easily.

  Adjust the brake pads as low as possible on the rims brake surface.

road bike carbon rim brake pads installlation

2.Road Clinchers Tire Installation

Rim Strips Installing

High tire pressure rim strip recommended.

* locate the valve hole in the rim and align it with the hole in the rim strip.

* Stretch the rim strip over the rim.

* Check and make sure the rim strip is centered,there are no creases of folds and all assembly holes are full covered.

Tires Installing

* Mount one side of the tire bead onto the rims,aligning the tire's logo with the rim valve hole.

* Inflat the inner tube,make it a little tire pressure and shape.

* Install the tube valve stem into the rim valve stem,insert the tube into the space between tire and rim,make sure the tube without twist or fold.

* Install the other tire bead into the rim,be carful,not to pinch the tube between the rims and tire bead

* For safety issues,will be tight for clincher rims mounting,so some soapy water,plastic lever and some muscle will be needed.

* Inflat the tire to low pressure and ensure that both tire bead are properly seated and not tube sticking out.

* Inflat the tire to full pressure,no exceed the recommended maximum tire pressure on WARNING LABEL

3.Mountain bike tubeless kit and tire installation

  Tools need 2 valve extenders,1 roll of tape,scissors,plastic tire lever,tubeless tire,sealant,alcohol,rag.

  Clean the tire bed of the rim using rag and alcohol.

  Begin applying tape to the rims bed where the tape covers one spoke hole past the valve hole.From there,tape towards the valve stem hole.

  Apply with a generous amount of tension to ensure the tape conforms to the lower rim channel,do not damage the tape.

  End of tape,ensure the tape over valve hole about 5-8cm

  Install the valve stem,use your hand make it tighten as much as you can.

  Mount the tire from the rims valve stem hole opposite,then fill with air until tire bead pops loudly,this conforms the tape to rim bed completely.

  Decompress the tire and insert latex sealant through the valve stem or opening the tire bead

  Insert the tire and rotate the wheels so that the sealant is full of tire.

  Inflate the tire to lock the beads into the rim.

  Never exceed the rim's recommended max tire pressure.

  Recommend using UST certified tires and labeled tubeless ready tire.

tubeless ready rims

4. MTB tire size chart

In order to get high performance of carbon wheels,fitting tire width will be recommended with inner mtb rim width.

Here is estimated tire size chart,help you to find the tire for different inner rim width.

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