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Tandell guarantees all carbon products to be free from defects in materials or manufacturing problem for 2 years limited warranty from the date of purchase.

If Tandell determines the carbon product to be defective within this period,we will repair or replace the carbon product at Tandell's discretion.

This limited warranty will not cover defects caused by negligence,accidents,misuse,incorrect installation,modification or normal wear and tear.

Damage due to direct rim impacts resulting from running inadequate tire pressure is not covered by this warranty.Special care should always be taken when selecting tire pressure.Always use a tire pressure that is appropriate for your riding weight and type of terrain being ridden.There is infformation of recommended tire pressure,spoke tension and rider weight limitation on every rim website page.

Cosmetic issues such as decals,finish,mold lines and carbon layup are excluded from this warranty.

This warranty does not apply to the carbon products not manufactured by Tandell.

This warranty is non-transferrable and only valid to the original owner.Valid proof of purchase is required for warranty claim.

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Returns & Refund

Tandell only accepts the return items in original condition within 15 days after the products receipt and refund will be followed.

Within 15 days,free return or refund just applys to products damaged in transit or defective items,Tandell not accept unreasonable return or refund.

If product returned is damaged or defective,customer will be responsible for the shipping cost and other extra cost.

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Crash Replacement

Tandell understands that accidents and damage can happen,regardless of how strong and durable carbon products is.If this happens to you,Tandell will offer a crash replacement to the original owner.

Extra cost will be charged,80% of the price,100% shipping cost back and forth.

More info,please contact us at  [email protected]